Meditation. What was once exclusively an Eastern religious practice, has now swept over the world…and it came into Chris, Billy, and Stephanie’s world in the form of a group of like-minded seekers, looking to add some color in an otherwise bland world. It was here that the stream of consciousness format that fans have come to love was created. At first, Chris and Billy came together to write songs like the Tiny Cowboy and later, Stephanie came in for the debut of Gumballs, where she introduced her bird-like screaming into the song. Their worlds have never been the same since, and they’re so grateful to bring their creations to audiences who can enjoy the songs as much as they do themselves. Here’s a little more about them…



Stephanie is a deep soul who enjoys wearing love and light in drag. Through days and nights she journeys in and out of her subconscious to uncover her true nature to herself and become at peace with all aspects of who she is. Until then she’ll never answer a question the same way twice, so don’t bother asking. Stephanie is an enigma, wrapped in a bologna and cheese sandwich.



Chris believes in ghosts. He thinks the only difference between him and them is a body.
He’s a spiritual being having a human experience, and not the other way around. His current goal is to re-beat all the classic video games of his youth because he feels like he’ll unlock some type of mental treasure locked away deep in his innocent baby-man mind.
He’s really happy, smiles a lot, and people wonder why.

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Bill. He’s a jerk.

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